These Are 19 Gift Wrapping Fails That You Have To See To Believe

1.) I love it when wrapping paper reminds me of homework.

2.) Is it a gift or just Chinese take-out?

3.) Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a gift that resembles a school lunch that was thrown in the garbage. Yay!

4.) The best part of giving a gift is seeing the anticipation in your loved one’s face – their joyful eyes and surprised smile. It’s a beautiful thing.

5.) “If, uh, you don’t like the gift, I’m pretty sure the coupons are still valid until New Year’s.”

6.) It does not bode well for the quality of the gift when it is presented in a garbage bag.

7.) This wrapping paper selection says “Eh, whatever.”

8.) I mean, Halloween’s a holiday, so that counts for something, right?

9.) Styrofoam is the best way to make sure your gift cards get to your loved ones safe and sound. Because you know how fragile gift cards are.

10.) “I started, but then I remembered that…everything was more important.”

11.) It’s a good idea to make sure your wrapping paper disguises whatever the gift is – it guarantees the element of surprise.

12.) I’m going to go out on a limb here, and stick with me because this is kind of out of left field, and don’t get upset if it seems like I’m taking liberties, and stop me if it seems like I’m stepping a little out of bounds here…

13.) Good and bad qualities are magnified when placed in comparison.

14.) Wha? What’s scary Nicolas Cage doing on this present? What’s in the box!?

15.) Brighten your loved one’s holiday by giving them a gift with a dash of sarcasm.

16.) When you’re using upwards of five wrapping papers for one present, something isn’t right.

17.) The pink Duck Tape is a nice touch…

18.) At least this guy was honest.

19.) This is what happens when you’re a college student on a tight budget.

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