These Are Either The 17 Best Or Worst Parents Ever. #9 Is Probably The Worst

1. The literature enthusiast.

2. The kindest of sentiments…sort of.

3. The realest lesson about social media.

4. The most awesome display of cosplay teamwork we've ever seen.

5. The fashionistas.

6. This lovable, albeit slightly air-headed, mother.

7. The greatest photobomber in all the land!

8. Is that a bong…?

9. Like his father, he reads it for the articles.

10. No burrito spills, no problem!

11. The ultimate multitasker.

12. The creator of this phenomenal contraption.

13. Truth.

14. An innovator.

15. The urgency…

16. The gamer dad.

17. Whoever does the clothes shopping in this family.