These Are The 20 Most Hilarious Facts About Women You Need To Know

This and the next slide are probably the only slide that is actually factual

Smart kid

2. Silence = something's wrong

3. How to know her marital status

Actually tells you more than ring ever could

4. F.S.L. (Female Sign Language)

5. Same story, just a few extra details

6. How to make women like you

7. You did exactly what I asked you to???

….you gotta lot a nerve

8. The female brain

9. How to plan dinner with your girl

10. This is why it makes sense the phrase is 'Cat Lady' not 'Cat Guy'

11. Friend zone!

12. Double standards…

13. The full-version of this post:

14. You can't smell numbers….

well said, Ron.

15. Got a pen?

16. Doesn't make sense

17. Listen to your mother

18. Only women can understand women and…

19. These guys tried their best

20. OMG he actually figured it out!!!