These Brothers Created the Only Card You Would Hate Receiving for Your Birthday

Travis and Nick designed the card to play for about three hours. It only stops when the battery dies or the card is destroyed.

Like everyone, the brothers hate musical cards, so they decided to make them even more awful.

The card is currently being funded on Kickstarter and has easily passed their goal of $7,500.

Here’s the link, if you want to help them drive the entire world mad.

Before you send someone the card, there's a tab that you have to pull off that will allow the music to start…

Once the person who received the card presses the button. After that, it won't stop for hours.

The card then plays "Happy Birthday" until you are able to figure out a way to destroy it, or the battery dies.

Destroying the card isn't all that simple, here's a video of one getting dunked into a bucket of water, repeatedly, and the music just keeps going.

If you try to press the button to stop it (something that would make sense, no?) the music just gets louder and louder.

The cards aren't available quite yet, since it's still in the funding stage of Kickstarter, but they hope to sell them come July.