These Cats Honestly Could Not Care Less That They’re Being Shamed

1. Turns out, karma doesn’t exist!

2. “It was the ghost cat, I swear!”

3. …And he ends up on the bed anyway.


5. Sometimes spontaneous ideas work out….sometimes they don’t.

6. Do we need to stage an intervention?

7. Usually, jealousy doesn’t look good…but she’s still pretty cute.

8. “Sorry (not sorry).”

9. “…He looked hungry.”


11. No square foot of carpet spared.

12. …Now this is just cruel.

13. “Those shoelaces were worth every penny!”

14. He doesn’t care about the silly “environment”!

15. “Can’t blame me for ridiculous human portion sizes!”

16. Oh boy.

17. “He was so dreamy!”

18. Just…embarrassing.

19. “In my defense…he was really big!”

20. Impostor! This is no cat.


22. “…It looked like it would make for good sits…”

23. “If you can’t see me, it never happened.”

24. “I just wanna be more like you!”

25. I don’t know what a paddling pod is, but it sounds like this was a real jerk move.

26. Are you trying to tell us something?

27. “It tastes so goooddd!”

28. That was a signed limited edition!

29. Sadly, there’s no getting around the true nature of cats.

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