These Cows Love a Good Beach Day and This Photographer Caught Their Outing

Rimmer learned that the Nguni cattle like to go to the beach usually daily to cool off.

The afternoons get extremely hot and it is believed by the locals that the cows take a little walk through the ocean because it cools their heels and the salty water is said to keep bugs and parasites away. 

This, however, is not a new thing. People have been seeing cows come to the beach dating back to the 16th century.

Rimmer's photos have no digital enhancement and he spent an entire year working to get the perfect photos for his series titled, Amapondo.

You can see more of Amapondo at Lens Culture.

Rimmer grew up in South African and was familiar with the cattle and how they live. He said on the Lens Culture website, ‘I’m inspired by how their lives and our lives are intertwined and how long that relationship has endured. I appreciate them aesthetically, particularly Nguni cattle which have some beautiful skin markings and horn shapes but most of all I admire how gentle they are and how wonderful they look in the finished prints.’

Be sure to check out Christopher Rimmer’s website to see more beautiful photos and get more information on the Amapondo series.