These Dangerous Animals Were Caught In The Act…Of Being Absolutely Adorable

1. “Do I get a treat now?!”

2. This little polar bear is ready for a nap.

3. He doesn’t even have any TEETH.

4. These baby bears are clearly menaces to society…

5. I wonder what’s in that big tummy of hers…

6. This kitten better watch out, he might get more cuddles!

7. A ferocious bucket cheetah. Look. Out.

8. A real-life bear hug!

9. “Your kisses won’t clean me! It doesn’t work that way!”

10. Just because it’s his birthday doesn’t mean I’ll leave him alone with my pet hamster.

11. I fear for this man’s life.

12. Sorry, are you real?

13. Such a jokester!

14. Careful, he could be a vampire!

15. Okay, but how does he carry all the Easter eggs?

16. He’d never charge at your car…too cute.

17. I refuse to believe this babe would ever hurt me.

18. “Alright, Teddy, that’s enough.”

19. Got milk?

20. Alligators can like neck scratches, too!

21. This baby coyote was so cute she got to meet Conan.

22. Sweet dreams!

23. I see that little smirk, you feathered cutie.

24. When he grows up, he’ll bite your arm off, but right now he’s cute!

25. A vicious (lick) attack!

26. “I will eat you up!”


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