These Gorgeous Works Of Art Are Made From A Few Surprising Materials

Using discarded and recycled metal objects, like keys, Moerkey crafts them into works of art.

Some of his works can't help but make you wonder how he made them.

The craftsmanship, both as a welder and artistically, is truly remarkable.

“When I was supposed to be cleaning out my shed, I came across some old copper pipe saved from a previous renovation. I cut it up into rings and started making it into spheres," Moerkey says on his Etsy page.

“The first ones were a bit rough but once I worked out the technique I got creative.”

Eventually, he got VERY creative.

Keep in mind, each key is bent and shaped individually.

Now, there's really not much the talented artist couldn't make, when given the time.

Be sure to check out his Etsy shop if you want one of his masterpieces for yourself.