These Horses Were Trapped In A Flood, But This Man Surfed His Way To Their Rescue

Steve Spowart had several horses who ended up being displaced by the flood and trapped within some wire.

He also had a surf board and a wet suit. He knew he had to do everything he could to save his horses…so he hopped on board.

Not only were the horses trapped in barbed wire, they'd been there for a while and were beginning to really panic.

It wouldn't just take surfing to save them. It would take someone with a cool head, patient and gentle enough to keep the horses calm throughout the process.

Spowart was up to the task. Several other nearby residents helped out, wanting to do what they could to help set the horses free.

And in the end, it was a success!

They cut a whole through the wires and fencing that trapped the horses in the first place.

They actually had to only lead one of them to safety, because Spowart knew that they would all follow suit if he took one of them in the right direction.

And the question must be asked—is there a studlier man in human existence?