These Little Egg Tricks Will Make Your Breakfasts So Much Easier (And More Delicious)

1. Crack your eggs on a flat surface, like a table.

2. Use another piece of shell to get fragments out of the bowl.

3. To keep poached eggs from breaking apart, try making what’s known as an Arzak egg.

4. Another tip for the perfect poach is using the freshest eggs possible, since they hold up a bit better.

5. You can also add vinegar to the poaching liquid to keep them from falling apart.

6. To make amazing runny eggs, don’t flip them in the skillet.

7. Bake eggs in a muffin pan for breakfast sandwich perfection.

8. Use butter instead of oil to add even more flavor to fried or scrambled eggs.

9. To cook eggs correctly, they key is to pay attention to them. They’re a little needy.

10. Get perfectly shaped eggs by cooking them inside other foods, like big, buttery slices of Texas toast.

11. You can use the shell to separate egg whites and yolks, which is a great skill to have if you’re an avid baker.

12. You can also use an empty water bottle (or this gadget) to suck up egg yolks for a less messy alternative.

13. Use a pressure cooker to make hard-boiled eggs.

14. Cut through a hard-boiled egg to remove the shell.

15. You can also shake hard-boiled eggs for an easy peel.

16. You can store eggs for a long time by freezing them in ice cube trays.

17. To test eggs for freshness, drop them in water to figure out when you should toss them.

18. Add milk to scrambled eggs, and throw in some water for expert omelettes.

Hooray for eggs!


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