These Luxury Cars Were Parked at a Dubai Airport and Then Abandoned for Good

Each year, roughly 3,000 luxury cars are abandoned in UAE airport parking lots.

Coated in layers of accumulated dust, locals are no strangers to this oddity.

To see beautiful machines like this just abandoned is both sad and immensely confusing, right?

It's every kind of illustrious luxury car you could possibly think of.

But it's not just BMW's and Mercedes that are left in these airport lots…

Everything from Lambo's…

To Ferrari's…

To Porche's.

It seems like an enormous travesty, to leave these cars alone to languish away.

But there's a good reason behind why the once-owners of these cars do this.

The answer is pretty simple: Sharia Law

The UAE, like many Arab countries in the Middle East, observes Sharia law. Under Sharia law, not paying your debts on time is considered a criminal offense…

As in, if you're in arrears past a certain point, whether it be on a mortgage, an apartment, and yes, even a car…

You're doing prison time.

That's why, when after spending above their means for these fancy cars…

These owners realized they were in over their heads financially. So what'd they do?

They promptly drove their cars to the airport, said they're goodbyes, and fled the country.

This happens roughly 3,000 times a year, according to police, who impound the cars after they've been sitting idle 15 days past-notice. And that's just in Dubai.

Police then auction of the cars, ordinarily for pennies on the dollar.

It does beg the question though, why buy cars like these unless you know full well you can easily afford them, if the risk is so high??