These People Had ONE Job…And Still Found 20 New Hysterical Ways To Fail

1.) Seriously, just ONE job.

2.) I know it’s all the same parts…but this looks weird.

3.) I doubt they had THAT in 1920.

4.) There’s something to be said about recycling, I suppose.

5.) Sigh…

6.) In what world ISN’T this funny?

7.) Yup, that’s a mistake.

8.) Amazingly…easy.

9.) That’s unfortunate.

10.) Someone’s getting fired.

11.) One job, guys. One job.

12.) Let’s count them…

13.) FACT.

14.) Crushing kids’ birthday dreams, one cupcake at a time.

15.) I’m betting he’s not a vegetarian.

16.) I’d like to buy a vowel. “E” for $500?

17.) Julia, Anna…same difference.

18.) Spell check, people!

19.) That’s quite a deal.

20.) That makes a lot of sense.


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