These Pets Meeting The New Puppy For The First Time Are Adorable

1. “So…we’re related now?”

2. “Why is he sleeping?! I want to play!”

3. “Okay, fine, but just for tonight.”

4. “Did this thing come with a return policy?”

5. “Soon we will snuggle. Soon, new pup. Soon.”

6. “We go home now, little foot.”

7. “Oh, you thought this was your puppy? Sorry, this is mine. Find your own.”

8. “You had to put him up there…why?”

9. “She likes me…she really, really likes me! Right?”

10. “Fine, but when you’re older, I expect you to return the favor.”

11. “We hug and nap now.”

12. This guy set up an obstacle course as a test for the new baby.

13. He’s afraid he’s going to smush him.

14. When the neighbor gets a new pup, you might need to join your yards.

15. “Why do I have to be in a towel, too? I didn’t poo on the carpet.”

16. “She’s just SO. Fluffy!”

17. Rough-and-tumble buddies at first sight!

18. I think this pup is in for more than he’d expected…

19. Just one of the gang already…begging for lunch!

20. This pup got a little too excited to meet the new baby.

21. “I guess we’re friends now…considering I can’t get up (or breathe).”


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