These Random (But Satisfying) Science Facts Will Blow Your Mind All Over The Place

1. There are planets without suns.

2. There used to be enormous dragonflies.

3. The days used to be shorter millions of years ago, and it’s because of the Moon.

4. Weed helped us discover a whole new bodily system.

5. Many oranges are artificially orange.

6. Fire whirls are a lot like water spouts.

7. A moon actually holds the record for tallest cliff.

8. An asteroid doesn’t have to hit a planet to cause massive damage.

9. All the planets in the solar system can fit in the distance between us and the Moon.

10. The Mediterranean Sea almost dried up at one point.

11. The atmosphere around the sun is hotter than the sun itself.

12. It can “rain” animals.

13. Earth shares an orbit.

14. There is a lake that almost constantly experiences lightning.

15. There is an object in our solar system that looks like this.

16. Koalas are freaky.

17. Russia is bigger than Pluto.

18. Lobsters live for a very long time.

19. You can measure lightning’s power in relation to toast.

20. There’s a mysterious hole in Minnesota.

21. There was almost another Earth.

22. Splenda almost wasn’t.

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