These Sushi Rolls Are The Epitome Of An All Meat Diet

Starts just the way a traditional sushi roll making venture would!

But the bacon strips pretty quickly set it apart.

At this point, you'll want to add some minced meat, and you can season that however your heart desires.

Pretend this minced meat is tuna or salmon and apply it onto the bacon as though its nori.

And start rollin'!

Much like a traditional maki roll, you're going to want to keep this tightly rolled without squishing the ingredients.

But bacon is NOT something you want to serve raw, nor is minced meat, so this part varies quite a bit from sushi prep. Put it over direct heat and let it start to cook!

And of course, you're DEFINITELY going to want to apply some BBQ sauce, because why the fuck not?

Let me get that two times….

Om nom nom…

And then, the piece de resistance… the toppings! If you're making two maki rolls, cover one in fried onions.

Cover the other in crunchy tortilla chips, crushed up…

Slice that puppy up…

And VOILA! Some jalapeños and extra BBQ sauce complete the meal of champions.

Watch this PHENOMENAL video here: