These Two Little Girls Took on This Terrifying Ride, And They Seemed to Regret It

Carmarie and Kanya are the two little girls that braved this ride but did so in the best way, calling out goodbyes to their loved ones as the ride shot them up into the air.

In case you are not aware of The Slingshot Ride, this is a video that shows you a little more of what the ride is actually like.

The ride is at Cedar Point, which is located in Sandusky, Ohio, and the park is known to have some of the scariest rides in the world. Would you be able to brave this ride? 

Here is what the ride looks like in the daylight

And what it looks like at night…

They make it all colorful and pretty to try to calm you about it…but then you get on it and it’s a whole new kind of experience. 

No thank you…That is not for me!