They Found Grandpa's Secret Trunk After He Died. They Weren't Ready For What Was Inside

Here is the trunk. Besides their deceased relative, their grandmother was the only other person who knew of its existence.

They opened it with the utmost care, but unfortunately its delicate and worn hinge broke.

These two covers concealed the two chest compartments.

This was beneath the lid. The family wasn't able to find the origin of the unique artwork.

The top two compartments contained many letters and documents that date back to the early 1900s.

But, they discovered even more interesting things in the bottom of the trunk.

This bizarre book from 1911.

It contained a lot of strange illustrations, such as this.

Another book inside the trunk, copyrighted in 1900.

This interesting book (from the 1900s) provided a brief history of the United States.

This is the booklet that was sent to "JC Malone,' the Great Great Grandfather of the person who discovered the chest.

Many of the letters within the trunk were about farming, as this was JC's occupation.

However, the symbol on the outside of this envelope looked very familiar…

JC had been a freemason!

Many of the freemason letters asked for donations.

This was the official masonry card assigned to JC Malone…

…As well as a notice of his dues.

The chest also contained a postcard with the Masonic Temple Building in Chicago pictured.

However, this building is no longer standing.

JC's medical brace, called a "truss."

This device helped alleviate pain caused by an inguinal hernia.

This was once home to JC's revolver. It even had a bullet and gun cleaner still inside.

This pamphlet was for an elixir that was probably used to help JC with his stomach problems.

Four pairs of glasses were found in a box.

It's believed that these tinted lenses could've either been sunglasses or used to see hidden messages.

This truly fascinating discovery led this family on a journey through their family's history that they're bound to remember forever!

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