This Acrylic Ghost Chair Inspired by Daft Punk Comes With Its Own Playlist

This Acrylic Ghost Chair Inspired by Daft Punk Comes With Its Own Playlist

February 16, 2016

If you’ve got a thing for French house music — or just dig funky furniture with a cool backstory — this is the chair of your dreams.

French Touch, designed by Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli for Los Angeles-based design studio Joogii is an acrylic “ghost” chair inspired by Daft Punk and other French house music of the ’90s. 

By the way, it comes with its own playlist. Break out the glow sticks! (And check out the playlist here!)

The eye-catching seat is covered with dichroic film, which appears in shades of pink, green, and aqua by day, and takes on darker tones of red, yellow, and blue by night. The sleek coating and changing colors are meant to represent the genre’s slick, sampled sounds. Daft Punk’s album Alive 1997 was spinning when the chair was envisioned.

“I interpreted the artists’ layering and filtering method literally, by using the dichroic film, which acts as a beautiful color filter, and applying it to acrylic,” Mutzke-Felippelli told Fast Co. Design. “Our foremost design consideration was to show off the dichroic effect, so we created flat surfaces at every angle.”

And while it may not be very comfortable — the angles are asymmetrical — who’s sitting, anyway, when there’s a dance track on?! 

The French Touch chair is not for sale (yet!), but will be sold in the coming months on Joogii as a limited run for $7,500.

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