This Ad Campaign Sheds Light on the Fact That Women Are Judged No Matter Their Attire

These ads were created by students at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany and Theresa Wlokka. Their message is strong and powerful.

Women get prejudged all the time by their clothing and these ads are standing against that. 

For more information and to learn more about this campaign, check out Terre Des Femmes websites below.

*NOTE* There is some controversy over this ad campaign as 18-year-old Rosea Lake may have come out with the original idea that went viral in 2013. A piece of her work is shown below: 

Check out more from Rosea Lake here

Both ads are powerful and suggest the same common issue many women deal with on a daily basis. Women are judged almost always on the type of clothing they wear; it either casts them as very conservative or too flirty.

Both pictures create an awareness to not let this prejudgment be a thing, and everyone should try to work to eliminate it.