This Announcement From Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Is One That Was Long Overdue

This means that the well-known company will lose its bright neon orange color for their beloved mac & cheese.

Kraft already rolled this out with their Kraft Mac & Cheese Shapes boxes because parents wanted healthier options for their kids.

Lynne Galia, the company spokesperson, said creating a new recipe with new ingredients is not as simple as it sounds.

"All of the ingredients must work together to deliver the distinctive taste, appearance and texture consumers expect and love from Original KRAFT Mac & Cheese. Our fans have made it clear they won’t settle for anything less."

The new versions will be lower in sodium and saturated fat and have 6 additional grams of whole grains. There will also be a new combination of spices used in attempt to recreate the notorious color of the Mac & Cheese.

Kraft Mac & Cheese might bring back some childhood memories but it was definitely time for a healthy change!

Now the brand will not only be a fun choice at snack time but it will be healthier too.