This Artist's Whimsical and Winding Tables Are Like Something You'd See in a Children's Book

His first piece is called "Tree Picnic"

A 50-foot-long, multi-tier picnic table that branches like a tree.

As you can probably tell, there's obvious inspiration behind it.

Beit’z inspiration came from a particular tree at the Michigan Riley Farm in Buffalo, NY.

His second piece, a bit more symbolic, is titled, "Not Now."

It is an 18-foot-long loop of undulating wood, intended to depict anti-social, introverted qualities.

The winding wooden sculpture evokes many different things in viewers…

The piece was on display last year as part of Beitz’ solo show called Maybe Later at the Roswell Museum and Art Center.

But as you can see, Beitz' use of space and shaping was very intentional.

The knot, as well as the 18 feet of distance between both people, is intended to show that when we distance ourselves emotionally from the people we do life with – it creates a gap that is seemingly much larger than just a few feet.

Whatever his works evoke in you, it's safe to say that Beitz is one talented artist.