This Dance Troupe Was Kicked Out of a Parade but They Didn't Let That Stop Them

The Prancing Elites are a dancing group from Mobile, Alabama.

They're extremely talented, and can dance up a storm. But tragically they've become more famous for unwarranted controversy than for their amazing skills.

When they were "accidentally" asked to dance in this parade in Alabama, locals absolutely freaked out, and it became a national incident. Even though they just dancing in prancing like the prancing elites that they are.

The police tried to thwart their latest attempt to participate in a parade in the town of Mobile, but that would not keep these dancers down. They moved directly beside the parade, dancing for all those who would watch.

Many of the spectators were extremely cruel, spewing hate speech as they watched The Prancing Elite try to dance.

Adrian Clemons, a member of the group, told BuzzFeed News “The rest of America has accepted us, but our neck of the woods has a long way to go."

Source: BuzzFeed

They kept pressing on, not letting the hateful words stifle their performance.

When they were just about done dancing and ready to leave, one crying fan came up to them. It was a little girl who was shocked and hurt by what all of the people had yelled at the dancers.

Bella, the young girl, said "“They shouldn’t have done that to you.”

It was a moment that greatly moved the passionate dancers, and ultimately led to a little dance party with this compassionate girl, who even got to go home with a gold bracelet as a gift from the group!

This is one of many examples of the hearts of children showing so clearly the different between right and wrong, when adults still somehow seem to keep missing it…