This Doctor Used Pigeons To Get Groundbreaking Bird’s-Eye View Pictures

Not many of us relate the common pigeon to cutting edge technology.

Dr. Julius Neubronner realized that pigeons could be put to an interesting and innovative new use.

After seeing that pigeons could carry the weight of emergency medication to be delivered to patients, Dr. Neubronner invented lightweight cameras so the pigeons could take pictures while in flight.

After working diligently on the designs, Dr. Neubronner’s camera harness for pigeons finally had a successful test flight.

The patent office first denied his patent application because they thought it was ludicrous. Once Dr. Neubronner showed them the pictures his camera harnesses helped capture, the patent office quickly changed its mind.

Though these pigeon-cameras didn’t exactly catch on, they still earned Dr. Neubronner several prizes at events around Europe.

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