This Fitness Blogger Was Tired of Body Negativity, So She Made This Powerful Video

Recently Cassey found herself being attacked by a string of mean comments posted on her youtube videos.

After seeing all the mean comments posted about her on her Blogliates pages she decided to do something about it.

So Cassey made this video turning her body into what others might call "the perfect body". It sheds a light on how ridiculous society's opinion of the female body is.

H/T Cassey Ho The Perfect Body

“Our friends, our families and just random commenters can really change how we feel about our bodies, and make us feel insecure,” Ho told People magazine.

She said through CGI she altered her body tremendously and people still were critical of her size. She gave herself a bigger butt and breasts, she slimmed her waist, changed the color of her eyes and created a more narrow looking jaw. 

She said, “It’s tough knowing what’s real and what’s not when magazine covers and music videos are photoshopped (yes, music videos), Instagram pics are photoshopped, and so many women are getting surgery.”

She hoped her video would help people understand the negative effects of cyber bullying and maybe inspire people to be less judgmental online and off.