This Horrible Home-Made Tattoo Has Gone Viral And It Is Hilarious.

The Inspiration.


Tumblr user Hatboy drew up some Pokemon in the style of Tim Burton. This Charmander became the inspiration for the home-made tattoo. 

The Tattoo.


The awful rendition of Hatboy’s tattoo quickly became a sensation. 

The Swag

People quickly started creating all sorts of swag based on the awful tattoo. Here’s a sample: 


The tattoo on a water bottle. 


The tattoo, a digitized version of the tattoo, and the tattoo on a water bottle on a shirt. 

The tattoo on a water bottle on a coffee bag. 

A plushie!

A candle!

A needle point!

A necklace!

The Pokedex Entry!

The Inspirational Poster.