This Is One Of The Strangest, Most Inclusive Animal Families You've Ever Seen

So these little love dogs are prairie dogs, unsurprisingly.

They're like Thelma and Louise!

Thelma and Louise…and their super awesome dog mom!

The prairie dog pack does not discriminate!

Ducks and dogs and prairie dogs all living in harmony!

Look at the hijinkses they get into!

But sometimes they just want to nap.

They take care of each other, like any family would.

They love playing games and giving each other piggy-back rides!

They always have each other's backs.

Such a flawless support system…


And just like in human families…sometimes the older siblings tickle their younger ones to pick on them!

They love a good family vacation.

And they're not afraid to say "you really need a bath."

We can't get enough of this unique family.

Nothing but love for the prairie dog pack!