This Is Why Chrissy Teigen Is The One Model Every Feminist Needs To Get Behind

A few weeks ago, Model Chrissy Teigen posted a pic of her legs on Instagram and a lot of people noticed.

She captioned the photo, "Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!" The picture gained a lot of attention on social media and was praised for the positive body message the pic sent to women everywhere. 

First off, Chrissy Teigen is beautiful. She's a model represented by IGM Models and has worked with many clients some including Venus, Nike, UGG Australia and was featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in 2010.

So it’s pretty obvious Chrissy is a very fit, hardworking, and gorgeous model. 

If you follow her on Instagram or Twitter, you know she loves to cook and eat.

A lot of her pictures showcase her working on some recipe in her kitchen or eating out with her husband, John Legend. This is why her picture above of her stretch marks, or "stretchies" as she likes to call them, are making a lot of people really happy. Her photo helps show the world that even though she loves to cook and is a well-known model, she is still human and she still has some imperfections. Just like everyone else. 

A lot of women used Chrissy's photo as inspiration to put up pictures of their bodies and their own stretch marks.

Within a few days the hashtag #LoveYourLines was trending and a lot of women were feeling empowered because of Teigen.

YASSS. We love you, Chrissy. Keep being amazing!