This Makeup Company for Men Made 1.4 Million Last Year

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It’s not uncommon for men to steal their wife’s or girlfriend’s lotions and body care products, but it’s pretty unheard of for men to swipe their makeup products — or so we assumed. For one UK-based man, borrowing his girlfriend’s cosmetics was more than just a one-time thing. In an effort to hide his breakouts, Alex Dalley, 27, regularly raided his mother’s makeup bag for anything that could help.

After realizing that he wasn’t the only man who uses his significant other’s cosmetics, Dalley and his uncle started a makeup company for men, in 2011. “Gone are the days when a guy would sneak a peek at his girlfriend’s makeup bag and shamefully pop her concealer over his spots,” he told Mirror Online in an interview. “Why is it OK for women to wear makeup, but not men? These are generally straight guys who just want to look good,” he added.

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Although Dalley admits that for the first few years sales were pretty slow, the company is finally taking off. MMUK MAN is coming close to a whopping 1 million pounds in annual turnover (that’s about 1.4 million USD), with his top-selling products being concealers, foundations, beard fillers, and a clear mascara.

If you’re thinking that the success of the company means that men’s aversion wearing makeup has gone away, think again. According to Alex, men still feel embarrassed over their need for cosmetics, explaining that “twenty or 30% of our customers still want their names removed from parcels and their products put in plain packaging. It’s definitely a journey to acceptance.”

With the fight for gender equality still being a major issue in today’s world, it’s interesting to see this side of the problem, which is rarely talked about. Male celebrities frequently wear makeup for photo shoots and public appearances, so why shouldn’t all men be allowed that same luxury without having to feel embarrassment or shame? Considering how popular the trend has become (even if it’s a silent popularity flying under the radar), is it time to finally accept that this double standard is simply unfair to men in our current world?

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