This "Mannequin" In a Bridal Shop in Mexico Will Haunt Your Dreams After Your See It

Meet La Popular's "mannequin," Pascualita

Pascualita, so the story goes, is rumored to be the original owner’s once-daughter…

Looks pretty mannquin-esque, doesn't she?

It is said though, that Pascualita died on her wedding day, of a scorpion sting.

Most of her face looks pretty artificial, except for the eyes…those look eerily real.

But that’s not what scares people most. What does, you ask?

Her hands…

Those…those are not the hands of a mannequin. I’m sorry, but those are without a doubt, the hands of a human being…

Continuing the story, after Pascualita died on her wedding day, the legend says, that her mother mummified her to preserve her unparalleled beauty, and vowed to keep her in a wedding dress as long as she could.

And as you can see, when it comes to decaying after death, our extremities are the first to go.

The discoloration, the tainted yellow fingernails, the rotting between the creases of her fingers, it’s all pretty disturbing.

But possibly even creepier, most of the locals, who firmly believe her to be a real corpse, aren't afraid of Pascualita at all.

In fact, many visitors will proudly claim she smiled at them as they walked by, or that she changed positions since they last saw her. Some brides have even chosen dresses she’s worn on display because they believe it to be a good omen.

Which makes absolutely no sense, because this is TRULY the stuff of nightmares.

Many have even reported Pascualita following them with her eyes as they walk by…some even leave gifts or lit candles outside her display window to honor her, in the hopes of receiving her good graces.

All I have to say is, residents of Chihuahua, you may be even creepier than the corpse of Pascualita herself. And that says a lot, because she is absolutely terrifying.