This Mother Elephant Is Unbelievably Excited To Be Reunited With Her Long Lost Daughter

When she was kidnapped, Me-Bai was an infant, only a few months old.

When she was inhumanely commissioned as a tour-elephant, she was mistreated and overworked, being forced to walk miles upon miles each day, with nothing more than the occasional breather.

After becoming too weak to carry tourists, Me-Bai was freed and sent to Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand.

Although she was apprehensive of people at first, due to her previous owners, over time she eventually realized that the handlers at Elephant Nature Park were there to nurture her. And not long after she was admitted, they located her mothers whereabouts. Then came the 3-day trek to find her.

And just earlier this month, Me-Bai and Mae Yui were finally – and joyously – reunited.

As you can see, they’re not that excited to see each other.

What's more, ENP's park operators are currently in the process of readmitting the mother and daughter back into their natural habitat.

See the whole heart-warming reunion here: