This Nontraditional Family Is Just About As Cute, Furry, And Feathery As It Gets

This is Bob, a golden retriever from São Paulo, Brazil.

He lives with his human, Luiz Higa Junior, eight birds…

And a hamster.

When Higa adopted Bob at four months old, he already had a parakeet and a cockatiel living with him.

After seeing how well the three did together…

He decided to add a couple more feathered friends to the family.

The newest (and welcome) addition to the crew is that grey little lump on Bob’s nose.

The unlikely family has lots of fun together…

Making sure to get plenty of sleep in between adventures.

Sometimes the cockatiels might hog the dinner plate…

But that’s alright. Bob can pass the time with a quick nap with some of his other pals.

Look at those smiles!

Bob even helps his tinier pals with their workouts.

They never miss an opportunity for a good photoshoot!

Gang’s all here in this one!

Just hangin’ out.

They even play dead together!


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