This Origami Artist Takes An Intricate Art Form And Makes It Even More Intricate

The technique Quyết uses is called "wet-folding."

By wetting the paper before folding it, he's able to curve and shape it freely.

The technique brings an entirely new element to origami, allowing the artist to "sculpt" rather than simply fold.

But make no mistake, wet-folding is no easier than standard origami. In fact, it's a lot more difficult.

Why? Because the appropriate amount of water for each piece is so incredibly volatile. If there’s not enough, the paper dries before it can be fully shaped. Too much water, and the paper quickly rips.

Quyết, who's been making origami since he was a child, has perfected his skills as much as anyone could.

The expert artist also co-authored two books on the subject in 2011 and 2013, along with receiving awards at prestigious international conventions in France, Italy, Germany, and Japan.

Above any accolade or amount of recognition though, he simply loves the art form for what it is to him.

And what it is to him is pure beauty. To everyone else? Pretty much the same.