This Original X-Man Has Come Out Of The Closet And Inspired Fans And Others Alike

Iceman is one of the original X-Men, having founded the team and has been a staple in the comics since 1963.

In the most recent issue of All-New X-Men, which came out in April, a teenage version of the superhero gets outed by Jean Grey, who is a telepath.

The outing made for one of my favorite comic book panels I've ever seen…

This version of Iceman is a teenage version who is time traveling to the present. The present-day Iceman is still (as far as we know) straight, because comic books are outrageously confusing.

The teenage version of Iceman does have a theory as to why his future self never felt comfortable coming out…

There has actually been a lot of speculation about Iceman being gay prior to this issue…

There have been other LGBT X-Men, including Northstar, Karma and Benjamin Deeds, among others.

There was even a wedding between Northstar and his partner Kyle Jinadu in 2012.

Iceman however, is easily the most well-known out Superhero now.

He has appeared in 4 X-Men movies, portrayed by Shawn Ashmore