This Photo of Zendaya in Old Woman Makeup Will Make Your Day

Zendaya is known for looking gorgeous on and off the red carpet, but what she certainly isn’t known for is her resemblance to, well, an ‘80s businesswoman. Her latest look, created for the television show K.C. Undercover, isn’t like anything we’ve seen the Disney star sporting before. Instead of posting her usual flawless selfie, Zendaya took to Instagram to post an image of herself in old woman makeup, complete with sagging jowels, tiny, overdrawn eyebrows and, probably our favorite part, an attitude-filled facial expression. Check out her unrecognizable close up below:

(Image courtesy of Instagram/Zendaya)

Zendaya captioned the image, “Tonight on #KCUndercover Introducing my newest personality… Mrs. Dubois.” Maybe it’s the shock factor, but it’s pretty hard to tear our eyes away from Mrs. Dubois. It almost feels like a glance into the future, with Zendaya transformed into the sassiest, most glamour-loving grandma on the planet.

Zendaya wasn’t the only one to share her startling look, co-star Veronica Dunne and writer Rob Lotterstein also posted a behind-the-scenes shot of Zendaya’s alter ego, showing the attitude loving “old” lady at her best:

(Image courtesy of Twitter/Veronica Dunne)

As seen in the images, the 19-year-old was given a huge, curly wig, with light bangs grazing her wrinkled forehead. With all that makeup and thick hair, it’s almost impossible to see any trace of Zendaya underneath at all:

(Image courtesy of Twitter/Rob Lotterstein)

Nonetheless, we’re loving the hilarious image of her and are looking forward to what other disguises the show has in store Zendaya!

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