This Photographer Went To The Coldest Village On Earth To Take Amazing Pictures

The “Road of Bones” is the only way to get to Oymyakon.

“Oymyakon, The Pole Of Cold.”

Feeling cold yet?

The average January temperature for Oymyakon is -50°C (-60°F).


The people of Oymyakon use outhouses because the ground is too frozen to install any sewage system.

The marketplace is almost exclusively meat and fish, as crops are hard to come by.

Even those cows look cold.

Better get them inside the shelter.

If you’re not inside of a heated garage, don’t even think about turning off your car’s engine. The cold is so intense that it simply won’t be able to start back up again.

One of the few stores in town.

The coal heating plant that keeps the villagers warm.

Tries to, at least.

Hey, just because you’re cold doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.

Even the shortest trips must feel like epic voyages in that weather.

It looks like it’s time to get some snow boots.

A small heated trailer.

Not everyone minds the cold.


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