This Rainbow Highlighter Is One of the Prettiest Things We’ve Ever Seen

Photo: Bitter Lace Beauty / Instagram 

It’s like a childhood dream come true: rainbow makeup. And clearly, the magical beauty product, which looks like it should be delivered to your house by unicorns, struck a cord: The unique rainbow highlighter Prism from Bitter Lace Beauty, which makes handmade makeup palettes, instantly went viral and is currently sold out from their Etsy store.

It all started yesterday with a Reddit user asking if anyone recognized the iridescent makeup they’d spotted on Instagram. Another user identified it as Bitter Lace Beauty’s, followed by a flood of users chiming in with their awe-struck reactions.

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Reddit user Wambrita wrote: “Ooh. I want to have rainbow kisses on my cheeks now!” while hydrocare wrote, “Wow, that is amazing. I would have no idea what to do with that, though.” But others knew exactly where they’re wear the rainbow highlighter: “Awesome!” wrote redith4. “Thanks for sharing. I’m going to attempt to use this for festivals this summer!” User taitep pointed out that it’s the perfect highlighter for gay pride events: “I never wear highlighter but part of me wants this just for pride season.”

According to Buzzfeed, the highlighter costs $22, and as Teen Vogue points out, it works on all skin tones.

The whimsical luminizer can be swiped across cheeks to create a literal rainbow effect or blended into a silvery-green. Though a fairy may die if you blend away a rainbow like that.

Want to get your hands on one? Don’t fret: Bitter Lace Beauty shared on Instagram today that they are working on restocking the product and will give an updated release date soon, so stay tuned.

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