This Seattle Woman's Story and Her House Are Basically the Plot of "Up"

She refused the offer because she loved her home and did not want it to be destroyed. The developers had nothing else they could do except build the shopping mall around her home.

Unfortunately, Macefield passed away in 2008, but the home is still there. In 2009 Pixar came in and did a tribute to the movie Up by adding balloons to the house.

Macefield left the house to a construction worker she befriended when the shopping mall was being built. She left the house to him, told him to sell it and use the money for his kids’ college education. The construction worker sold it to investors who never found something to do with the house. 


Since then, the house has been abandoned and boarded up, but there are several groups and local people trying to save the home. They add balloons to the fence and try to keep the legacy of Edith Macefield alive and well. 

Home really is where the heart is.