This Steampunk Creation Will Grab The Attention Of Anybody With An Eye For Industrial Art

Each piece you see was once an individual component of something else…

And somehow, words like, "impeccable" or "extraordinary" don't seem to adequately capture the mastery of Novrozi's craftsmanship.

For some of his works, it takes Novrozi months just to acquire the parts he knows he’ll need.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus, as some know, was the steed of Poseidon – "The God of the Sea."

Novrozi wanted the horse to evoke wonder and awe – feelings the Greeks felt when gazing upon other representations of him.

And as one could assume, the Greeks envisioned him being as majestic and venerable as Poseidon himself.

Novrozi's adaptation of the mythological creature certainly evokes a similar reverence…

For his Pegasus and his immense talent.