This Total Geek Has Become A Stealth Being Around His Girlfriend With His Nerdy Toys

"No toys whatsoever??? Not even one?? Ugh…fine, okay jeeze."

Meanwhile, when she's gone…


Keeping a straight face at dinner will be quite the challenge.

"Pshh 'no geeky stuff'…she has no idea what kind of war she started."

Apparently a very stealthy, very passive-aggressive guerrilla war.

Okay this one's tricky. Can you see it? Yeah, she probably can't either. Look closer…

Still no? Okay a little closer…

If we can’t see it from here, then yeah, I think he’s accomplished what he set out to.

"For the motherland!!!"

Meanwhile, this is the guy's basement…

Pretty much a geek’s paradise.

He has it all. Board games, movies, video games…everything.

And while his collection of nerd memorabilia is impressive, his guerrilla warfare tactics are worthy of admiration.

Now we just hope your girlfriend doesn’t break up with you…and if she already has, maybe it’s for the better.