This Valentine is a Real Highlight of the Day!

Sitting around the conference table and brainstorming, the team here at Yahoo Makers happened come up with this little Valentine by accident. Katie found herself writing with highlighters instead of dry erase markers on the big white board, at which point the team, in an effort to save the board from complete ruin, confiscated all the highlighters. With handfuls of these neon markers and V-Day on our minds, this silly and sweet Valentine was born. 

Inspiration can strike at any moment, which makes coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day and any other special occasion, lot’s of fun. Have a look around the house, and let your mind wander! That way, you’re not stuck heading to the store every time you’d like to make something. 


  • Highlighters
  • Neon ribbon
  • Neon cardstock
  • Black Sharpee or letter stickers


  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch


1. Gather your highlighters into a bundle.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie them together.

3. Write (or use stickers) “You’re the highlight of my day” on a bright piece of cardstock. Poke a small hole through the card with a single hole punch, and attach it to the ribbon. 

4. Finish the Valentine by tying a big bow. 


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