This Valentine’s Idea is a Breath of Fresh Air

These days, we are eager to get out the label maker as often as we can! Let’s just say, it’s our current crafting craving and any opportunity to put it to good use, is an opportunity we’d like to seize.

Our friends over at Brother sent us one of their newest additions, the P-Touch D200, and we thought we’d come up with a quick Valentine to put it to good use. 

How about this minty fresh take on a card for your sweetheart? With every need for a mint, comes a sweet reminder that somebody loves you. What could be better than that?


  • Altoids box
  • Decorative parchment paper
  • Label Maker


1. Using a label maker, print out the words “You and Me Are Mint to Be.” You can divide it onto three labels.

2. Pull the Altoids’ paper lining out front the tin.

3. Cut a piece of decorative parchment to the same size as the Altoids’ paper and line the tin with it. 

4. Stick your labels on the inside of the lid.


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