Time-Lapse Video of Mom With Triplets and Toddler at Bedtime Is Mesmerizing

A video of a mom trying to get her two-year-old daughter and infant triplets dressed for bed has gone viral, viewed by 56 million people and shared more than a million times.

Dad Dan Gibson of Cambridge, Ontario, thought it would be amusing to take a time-lapse video of mom Corrie-Lynn Whyte getting all four of their children — toddler Emily and triplets Jackson, Olivia, and Levi — in their pajamas. In the video, the four little ones are constantly on the move as the mom tries to get each of them into their onesies, while Benny Hill-like music plays in the background. The couple posted the video on their Facebook page, The Baby Gang, on Feb. 4, as well as on their YouTube channel, and it took off from there.

(Photo: The Baby Gang/Facebook)

More than 100,000 people commented on the video on Facebook, many of them saying that Corrie-Lynn is a “super-mom,” while others joked that they got “tired” just watching her try to wrangle all four kids.

Joey Johnson-Camick wrote, “Who’d have thought dressing the triplets would be easier than one little toddler? You deserve a medal Corrie-Lynn. With a smile on your face the whole time, too!”

Toddler Emily (back row) and the triplets (photo: The Baby Gang/Facebook)

Dan told Canada’s CBC News that both parents typically work in tandem to get their children ready for bed, but thought it would be funny to see Corrie try it by herself. He said it normally takes them about six minutes to get all four kids in their pajamas when they work together. Dan also shared with CBC News that a sequel video is in the works; this time, he’ll take on the task of getting their children dressed solo.

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