Top 3 Journal HACKS (for Journaling Success)


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Journaling has been the number one thing I’ve done to develop myself. In this video – I’ll go over the 3 best journal hacks for journaling. This is the ultimate guide to keeping a journal series. For more “how to journal” videos or “flip throughs”, see the links below!


The quality of our life is the qual of our questions.
The fastest way to upgrade your life? Upgrade questions you ask yourself.

Learning to ask better questions is one of the most impactful life skills we can master.

Remember, your journal is where you can COACH YOURSELF.
Turns out one of the best places to ask these are in your journal!

Examples of some bad questions:

BAD QUESTIONS: “Why does this always happen to me?”
BAD QUESTION: “Why can’t I ever lose weight?”
BAD QUESTION: “Why am i always broke?”

Examples of some good questions:

GOOD QUESTION: “What can I do to make sure this never happens again?”
GOOD QUESTION: “What have the most successful people who have lost weight done, and how can I model their success?”
GOOD QUESTION: “What strategies do wealthy people use that I can do today to improve my finances?”

Great place to find awesome questions is the (FREE) “11 Questions To Change Your Life Forever” workbook:


Most people’s journals are just a book with random notes – They lack organization.

Remember, the goal of our journal is to make it the best book we’ve ever read. This requires filling up and organizing your journal so you can find insights 5-years from now when you’re flipping though old journals.

One of the biggest hacks I’ve done to upgrade my journaling was organizing my journal into 6-9 sections. Separate each section with one page with the next section written on it.

EXAMPLE: if my next section is “gratitude” then I write “GRATITUDE SECTION” in BIG red bold letters before I do my first entry.
This is something we REALLY dive into on the Ultimate Guide to Keeping A Journal Course:


This is where we get geeky….

Yes, the gear does matter!

Click here to visit the full resources page on our website where I show you exactly what gear I use for journaling.

Quick overview:

Pentalic Sketch Book – My all time favorite journal. This is the blank, sketchbook style journal I recommend.

Pilot G2 Pens  – The pens I use (and chew on) while journaling.

Pilot G2 Ultra Fine Tip  – A great ultra fine (0.38mm) black pen I use for a majority of my black ink journal writing.

Sharpie Highlighter – Awesome retractable highlighters I use when reading books. Love that you don’t have to keep taking the cap on / off.


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    awesome! I got stuck in finding the "perfect" journal and when I got it got overwhelmed to write. it's crazy. But I've found peace now… I'm happy with my journal now! Thanks to u!

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    this vid was awsum
    im currently studying to be a community services case manager and funnily enough ive just learnt about effective communication and asking the right questions. nice work 🙂

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    Clark, You said in the video during tip 1 that you'd share where to get great questions "later" but then never returned to that thread of thought. So… where do you get great empowering questions to journal with?

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    is that gel on your shelf? or tape lol

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