Trending: Why We Love #TallGirlTwitter

If there’s one thing the internet has blessed us with, it’s the feeling that we can connect with people from all over the world. We’re not talking about engaging with negative commenters, but rather the ability for like-minded people to form an online community with others from around the world. For many, this includes creating chat rooms, web pages, and even social media hashtags to promote their own exciting ideas.

In the world of beauty, hashtags like #EffYourBeautyStandards and #HonorMyCurves have taken off in the social media sphere, allowing a network of body positive people to encourage others to feel confident in themselves. However, on Tuesday another inspiring hashtag had stepped into the spotlight.

#TallGirlTwitter is a Twitter hashtag that users began using to support the acceptance of beauty at all heights. In a heteronormative culture where petite women are prized, taller women can struggle to feel beautiful and sometimes to find a partner. This hashtag celebrates their beautiful lengthy legs and all the other amazing tall girl attributes. Check out a few stand out #TallGirlTwitter posts below:

(Image courtesy of Twitter/Emily Greene)

(Image courtesy of Twitter/Trip)

(Image courtesy of Twitter/NiaBia)

Even a few men chimed in with their opinions on the hashtag, with some being not as supportive as one might hope, and others choosing humor to address the movement:

(Image courtesy of Twitter/Philip Lewis)

(Image courtesy of Twitter/Pedro Volar)

To join in on the movement for yourself, simply upload an image of what makes you feel like a confident, tall woman and tag it #TallGirlTwitter.

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