Twelve Awesome Facts About Human Skin That We All Should Probably Know

1.) Your skin is home to thousands of microscopic mites. Sure it’s freaky, but they also help keep your skin healthy.

2.) Ouch! While sun is good for your skin, too much sun is really bad for it. Over-exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause painful skin conditions and sometimes permanent damage.

3.) Liver spots and other similar blemishes are the results of problems with melatonin productions. Though many of these blemishes are benign, they should still be watched and check periodically by a physician.

4.) Those with pale skin simply don’t produce melatonin that often, unless they are exposed to intense sunlight, which leads to freckles.

5.) Acne is a skin condition when white and black heads are constantly present on a person’s skin. Many experience acne as teenagers during puberty, but some can experience acne in adulthood as well.

6.) Pimples are the result of a clogged pour not being able to reach the surface of your skin leading to a further infection which can be painful.

7.) Blackheads are the result of dead skin cells and sebum (oil) clogging your pores. Regular cleansing and exfoliations can help remove excess skin cells and sebum.

8.) Cellulite occurs when the fat cells redistribute themselves under your skin, making the fat cells more noticeable.

9.) Ingrown hairs can be very painful, and occur when a hair gets stuck inside of the pore it is supposed to exit.

10.) Wrinkles happen to everyone. As we continue to use our skin, and as we get older, our skin loses it’s elasticity, which leads to wrinkles.

11.) Luckily there are things you can do now to promote the health of your skin in the long term. Regularly moisturizing, using oil combating masks, and even putting a little sunscreen on your face everyday can go a long way in maintaining your healthy skin.


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