Use These 20 Life Hacks To Make Laundry Day Completely Stress Free

1. Frame a stain removal guide and hang it in your laundry room. It’s there if you need a reminder, and also teaches kids how to remove stains on their own.

2. If you need to dry your laundry quickly, throw a dry towel in with your load. It will soak up excess water and dry your clothes faster than heat alone.

3. Keep a jar in the laundry room for loose pocket change, and attach it to a sign that reminds people to check their pockets before throwing in a load of clothes.

4. Write notes on the top of the washer with a dry-erase marker to remember special drying instructions.

5. Turn drawers into drying racks with bars.

6. If your skin is sensitive to chemical-filled detergents, make your own with this recipe.

7. Keep brightly colored clothing from fading by adding a teaspoon of salt to your load.

8. If you need to dry a single garment quickly, put it in a salad spinner to remove excess water. Then throw it in the dryer or hang dry.

9. If you put sweaters on a line or a hanger to dry, they’re more likely to stretch out. Lay them on a flat surface instead.

10. If your towels are feeling old and hard, revive them with vinegar and baking soda instead of detergent.

11. Keep sneakers from denting up your dryer with a slip-on shoe drying bag like this.

12. Organize your laundry supplies into kits. You’ll never forget how to clean shoes or remove stains again.

13. A ladder hanging from the ceiling, plus shower curtain hooks, makes a great indoor drying rack.

14. Use a labeled hamper to separate darks and lights before laundry day.

15. Keep detergent in glass beverage dispensers. It adds some class to your laundry room, and keeps bottle caps from getting slimy.

16. A DIY lost-and-found board keeps track of loose socks for your family.

17. Give each person in your family their own laundry basket; you’ll never mix up the clothes again.

18. Get rid of crease marks in clothes that have to be line-dried by putting a pool noodle over the cord.

19. Low on space? This fold-out ironing board/cabinet is perfect for small laundry rooms.

20. Keep everyone’s socks together by giving each person in your home a mesh laundry bag.


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