Vintage Public Health Posters Were Creepier Than What They Warned About

The artist realizes gonorrhea doesn’t effect the face right?

I can’t tell if that one sailor is hitting on that lady, or if the sailors are hitting on each other.

This Soviet is refusing the shot because he only drinks vodka out of bear bladders.

Safety first, always be horsing around. Got it!

Ok, now I REALLY hate mosquitos.

Maybe lay off the beer-steins too, huh Tex?

I don’t know who this tick is supposed to be but this is prolly racist.

Or maybe just at the very least don’t drink the water from Skull-face canyon.

Again, there are no human beings that look like this, but I’m gonna go ahead and say this is racist.

If only the French could harness such weapons. P.U amiright?

Yup, Little Foot had syphilis.

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