Want Some Peace of Mind? Get $60 off on this Meditation Gadget (Deal of the Day)

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and several friends have suggested I try meditation as a solution. I like the idea. But the stress of finding a spa where I could learn how to do it quickly overwhelmed me. Even when I found myself at a spa that offered meditation as a treatment, I opted for the mud bath instead. Because: Mud bath versus sitting on the floor? Easy choice.

But meditation is something you can do anywhere and at any time — if you know how. That’s what Muse is designed to help with. It’s a combination of headband, earbuds, and phone app: The headband reads your brain waves, and the app determines whether your mind is frantic or calm. If it’s the first, the app then plays sounds via the earbuds that (it’s hoped) will guide you to a calmer place. This biofeedback mechanism is intended to gradually teach you to calm your own thoughts. Who wouldn’t want that skill?

To take even more stress out of your life, I got you a deal: Muse normally costs $300, but if you go to ChooseMuse.com and enter the code at checkout, you’ll get $60 off.


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