Watch Dad’s Twin Cause Adorable Baby to Become Confused

Watch Dad’s Twin Cause Adorable Baby to Become Confused

Beth Greenfield

Senior Writer
February 10, 2016

A 16-month-old baby is becoming a viral superstar, thanks to how adorably confused he gets upon seeing his father’s identical-twin brother.

“Dada,” says Reed of New York City after dad Stephen Ratpojanakul (wearing a gray sweater) points to his brother and asks, “Who is that?” The diaper-clad cutie gives the same answer about both men, who pass him back and forth, laughing at his bewilderment.

The video, posted to YouTube on Monday, so far has more than 400,000 views.

People love videos of disoriented babies, it seems, as a lineup of others with similar twin-caused confusion have also drawn great numbers of viewers — including this one (below), which captured a toddler named Landon absolutely bugging out over his identical-sister, bow-wearing cousin babies (with 25 million views):

Then there was this 10-month-old boy a bit freaked by meeting his mom’s identical-twin sister for the first time (8.3 million views), “baby Charlie” confused by his dad’s twin (4.7 million views), and this pacifier-sucking toddler girl (1.8 million views), whose eyes pop over her father’s identical-twin brother.


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