Watch Lupe Fiasco Take Down Street Fighter Master Daigo Umehara

Lupe Fiasco faced off against one of the most famous Street Fighter players in the world Daigo “The Beast” Umehara in an epic showdown in which the rapper pulled off an upset win playing the new Street Fighter V.

Though some pundits are skeptical about the authenticity of fight, Lupe managed a 3-2 win Monday against the Japanese player who rose to gaming infamy when he pulled off a 15-hit parry – a skilled self-defense move – to take out his opponent. The winning move is the most famous in competitive fight game history.

Meanwhile, Lupe was invited to face off against Daigo in San Francisco at an event to launch Street Fighter V. The match is narrated in an amusing “Iron Chef Japan”-esque mode.

Watch the match below:


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